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About Us
Our one of a kind sculptures are made of various materials, but usually polymer clay, commonly known as Sculpey.
Other mediums used in the past are hydrostone and earthware.
Figures average 30cm tall (10" to 12") and usually take 3 days to create, (with real wood goal stick taped with real hockey tape!)

Born and raised in a hockey crazy country like Canada, the winters are long and a lot of time is spent indoors. I began creating my goalie sculptures here in Edmonton, Alberta 25 years ago, partly inspired by occasionally bumping into the Oiler greats from the 80's and 90's. I have created thousands of works over the years, including canvas paintings, drawings and sculptures. My artwork has been mentioned in ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE and PEOPLE MAGAZINE. It can be found in homes, offices and fancaves from Vancouver to Nova Scotia and other areas of the globe.
For the most part I consider myself self taught but did attend Alberta College of Art as well as the University of Alberta's Community College courses. My name is Maurice Vandebeek and I sign my creations with my artist name VanMo. The choices for artistic medium and subject matter are endless...but I choose to specialize in sculpture of just one of many sports, and just one position of that great sport - The Hockey Goalie. I have played some recreational hockey as a goalie and it's something I am very passionate about. I believe that shows in my unique, folk style, Canadiana creations.            - VanMo

Top Shelf Goalies was founded by VanMo as an independent artist. Creating custom one of a kinds, or, in conjunction with Fine Hau Industry, we commission mass quantities of any custom designed sculpture at wholesale prices. They are supplied retail shelf ready, made of cold cast poly resin, and available for the masses of hockey fans. RETAILERS? SUPPLIERS? DISTRIBUTORS?

There is currently stock of 200 red jersey and 200 white jersey limited edition vintage CANADA goalies. See gallery or shop.